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The Popularity of Search Engines

Search engines like Google and Yahoo! have become the backbone of the Internet as the vast majority of traffic to websites start with a search.

Many users set these search engines as their homepage in their browser, and millions have also downloaded and use add-ons like the Google Toolbar for quick access to their search tool. Many web-enabled cell phones even come installed with access to Google's search.

So it's obvious why having your website listed in the search results is of such great importance. However, simply getting listed is only the first step. You probably won't see much traffic if you are listed on page 32, as users will turn their attention to the SEO and search engine optimizationhundreds of other sites listed above you. Some estimates say that more than 80% of all traffic goes to the sites in the top-10 positions on the first page of search results. So traffic from anything under those positions drops dramatically.

Statistics might show that 25,000 people searched for your product or service last month - thus, 20,000 of those people will visit the sites in the top ten. If a single new customer is worth $200, it's clear how massively profitable a high ranking could be.

Search Engine Optimization
Search engines use a sort of quality score to determine who gets which position. Surprisingly, this has nothing to do with the graphical look of the website. Instead, it's based mostly upon textual content. They further consider external factors like other websites linking to you.

Search Engine Optimization is the act of researching competition, then purposely modifying a website based on that research to make it more attractive to search engines in an attempt to achieve higher rankings. SEO also includes locating and managing external factors like other websites linking back to your site (backlinks), which further boosts rankings.

A very important note is that SEO is performed to increase the “natural” search rankings – the main, standard results returned. Programs like Pay-Per-Click and Targeted Traffic Packages work independently of the natural rankings as these paid programs present results to the right or above natural rankings. Position here depends on how much you're willing to pay, not the quality of your website content.

Search engines do not charge a penny for inclusion in their natural rankings. The natural ranking is solely dependent upon the quality of the web page. Thus, inclusion in their natural rankings is 100% free. However, without SEO, a site may appear #320 in the natural rankings, serving little useful purpose.

By paying for SEO services, skilled designers and managers can increase that natural ranking.

It's All About Competition
There are only 10 slots available in the top ten after a surfer searches on a particular keyword - and everybody wants them. However, maybe there are not a lot of people doing exactly what you do. Thus, achieving high rankings will be easier. Conversely, there could be hundreds like you in which case boosting rankings will be more difficult.

Regardless, each step up in position (whether it's only from #107 to #85) is progress, and you'll benefit exponentially with each increase. So you don't have to shoot for the stars - any level of SEO can provide a return on investment.

It's an Ongoing Service
SEO is not a single project or task, but rather, and ongoing service. A top ten ranking may be achieved one day but as other websites and competition improve the quality of their SEO, they will displace you. And depending upon the moves they make, the level of complexity and effort then required to re-up your SEO will fluctuate.

And, it can take months to achieve any initial rankings. Search engines have been known to put websites they are considering ranking into a holding box for a period of time before the site finally appears in the results. The SEO manager has no control over this. Those looking for instant results should try programs like Pay-Per-Click and Targeted Traffic Packages.

Thus, true SEO is typically best suited for businesses with ample means, patience, an understanding of the process, and the ability to remain with it for the “long haul”.

LimeDot is available for ongoing SEO and management. This process is highly unique to each business type, and there are large considerations which will dictate the complexity and cost of the work to be performed. But with the possible payoff so great, you owe it to yourself to consider SEO for your website.

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