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Having the Right Perspective about E-Commerce Websites
So you want to sell goods online? You've already found us, so you understand how lucrative it can be. But you're probably thinking the hard part is getting an e-commerce site built. Actually, the hardest part is making a sale once someone finds your website.

The most important aspects to any e-commerce site are its organized layout, clean design, neatly categorized products, and swift, secure, and simple checkout process. This is what comforts people as they open their wallets and prepare to spend money online. Atlanta e-commerce website designWithout these elements, you've done nothing but made your competition look better.

Speaking of competition, it's fierce. Someone else selling your same product is just a click away. Even if your product is unique, a surfer only has so much extra money to spend. So the quality and functionality of the e-commerce store dictates whether someone will buy from you - or move on. Having a website and system that converts surfers into buyers is crucial.

All Cart Systems Are Not The Same
There are many tools, services, and software types available today which allow you to put your products for sale online. But as noted above, that does not mean anyone will buy them. Most of these lessor solutions have no flexibility as far as design, clunky navigation and poor product categorization. These factors combined leave surfers apprehensive - and worse, might cause them to label the site as "shady". This is the final nail in the coffin.

Atlanta e-commerce webpage and website design

On the far other end of the spectrum, an e-commerce cart system and website could be custom built and programmed from scratch. But unless you've got about $75K laying around, this approach is obviously impractical.

Luckily, there's a perfect, affordable middle ground.

LimeDot E-Commerce Websites
All LimeDot e-commerce sites are developed around a shopping cart system called StoreFront. StoreFront is a packaged piece of software that includes all the robust elements needed in a professional e-commerce site, and more. By using a packaged solution, LimeDot can bring an affordable solution to clients without the great overhead of developing and programming an e-commerce system from scratch.

(View samples of our e-commerce website designs in our portfolio.)

LimeDot is considered a StoreFront Developer. The software itself could be compared to a car on the assembly line. The engine, tires, and frame are there. But we build, customize and complete everything else and put our name on it.

e-commerce shopping cart designA LimeDot e-commerce solution is a fully-functional, professional-grade custom website. We start by creating custom graphics and branding for the visuals of your site. We can even provide retouching of your product images. We then integrate this with the shopping cart system. Careful consideration at every step ensures the user will find the fastest path to the item they want, then the fastest path through the checkout.

Multi-tiered automated e-mail order notification can go to you, directly to your vendors, and the customer alike. Real-time credit card processing approves or declines the card before the final order is even placed. The site automatically queries shipping vendors like FedEx, UPS, or the USPS in real-time, and returns actual shipping rates to the buyer's zip code. And smart marketing tools like upsells and related items are automatically presented depending on user input to further maximize sales. You can even offer coupons, sales, and specials to all or specific customers.

And once LimeDot hands you the keys, you can manage the entire site through its easy online dashboard - adding or removing products, offering sales, modifying product descriptions, or reviewing sales reports.

When all is said and done, you've got a store that's extremely easy to manage and visually and technically ready to compete with the biggest players.

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