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website and web page custom design price quoteA Website Should Convert Surfers into Customers
While on the surface most websites may appear similar, in reality, there are subliminal and almost unseen factors that can make a huge difference in how people will react to your website. Regardless of the size, the goal remains the same: convert surfers into customers by making them take a favorable action like calling you or buying your product.

LimeDot Websites Convert
The web is a game of numbers. Open 24/7, your website is open even when you're not. Hundreds
of surfers will come and go. And at the end of the week, you hope that a few take the next step and contact you. That becomes your conversion rate.

A website might look shiny-and-new. But if the colors, design, fonts, text, and layout of the website have not been strategically considered, it simply won't generate as much new business as it could. And, you might never know what you're missing.
Atlanta website and webpage design

These aspects are overlooked by most web designers. But to us, a website that doesn’t perform is a website that shouldn’t have been built.

Our goal is to build websites which maximize conversions.

Much of our work is in the redesign of websites that clients invested plenty of money into a few years ago. They only recently realized how much more business they could have captured if the website design was right to start with.

Our web design philosophy is honed through experience. Our ability to innately let the themes noted above drive the site design leaves you with a website that performs. It just doesn’t look pretty – it works.

Extra features in all LimeDot sites:
• original custom graphic design
• careful consideration of suitable fonts
photographic image retouching
• competitive and industry analysis
search-engine friendly
• colors and branding which set the buying theme

Our goal for every client is to build not only a great-looking website, but also one that will lead your surfers to take a favorable action - whether it's buying from your or calling your number.

Our core skill lies in determining what a website needs to cause a user to take the most favorable action. Perhaps this is calling you, or buying something from your website. Perhaps it is to answer any questions your surfers may have about your business or brand. But without keeping the goal of causing “favorable action by the surfer” in mind, a website is nothing more than color and text on the screen. Hire LimeDot today and really make the web work for you.

To learn more, or for a free evaluation of your project:
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