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All LimeDot Websites are Search Engine Friendly!

Everyone wants to be number one in Google. But everyone wants to win the lottery as well, and the odds of either is about the same.

To truly have marked and increasing position within a search engine's rankings, ongoing Search Engine Optimization is required. This is because regardless of what you do, someone else is doing it as well or better. It's a constant battle as websites displace others in the rankings. This battle rages most in the upper levels of the rankings - perhaps all those above postition 20, or in the first few results pages.

But while full-on SEO is an endevor that's not for the weak of heart (or wallet), that doesn't mean you can't still have your slice of the action.

Getting "Ranked"
Before you can even enter that battle, you have to first get listed with the search engine to start with. All search engines look for certain elements in a website, and if they find them, the website will end up in their results. Many website design firms pay no attention to assuring these elements are built in, but all LimeDot websites include the fundemental elements to make this happen.

While you may not land in the top 20, just getting listed is a huge benefit. Aside from the surfers who may still find you in the results, there are exponential effects of any ranking. Other companies farm results from search engines like Google (and vice-versa), and now you have multiple listings in different places spawning from the original one.

Other companies build directories of services, listing businesses like yours. They too harvest search engine results to build their own.

Full- Circle Effect
But the largest benefit is the full-circle effect with Google. One of the factors they use when considering how highly to position a website is "how many other web pages are linking to that website?" After all, if someone else thinks you're important, you must be worth something. And even if these links are from other search engines and directories, the effect is still the same. So Google considers these other web pages "voting" for you, and your position within Google will creep upward.

A Solid Place to Be
The benefits and effects noted above don't happen overnight. But they will happen, and you don't need to do anything besides wait. Plus, if you ever decide to pursue some further level of Search Engine Optimization, you've already got your foot in the door.

This passive approach will help you in the long run. But dont forget - LimeDot offers various paid strategies like Targeted Traffic Packages which offer literally instantanious traffic and can be scaled to meet most any budget.

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