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"Maximum" Experience
The Internet took it's modern form around 1995. We were there. Although LimeDot as a company was still a twinkle in its founders eyes, we'd been working with computers, experimenting with graphics, and actually collectively helping to form what the Internet has become today.

Since then, we've watched our industry grow from a simple way to share information into a planetary powerhouse for business and commerce. Aside from our technical and creative experience in actually building websites, we have a unique perspective on the way online business is done.

Points of interest include:
• Fundamentals of website design, graphics, and usability
• Understanding the importance of search engine marketing
• Web copywriting - say the most with the least and still remain important to search engines
• Strategic planning before site development
• Concept analysis

LimeDot owners are available for speaking engagements, teaching seminars, and consulting and training to help any organization paint a better picture of their future online.

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website design price quote
Website Design & Project Price Quote
Get a fast and easy quote on your web projects through our simple form.
website design pricing
Understanding Pricing
You know how much milk and eggs cost because you have experience buying them. But what about websites?
website glossary
Website Glossary
An easy-to-understand glossary of terms and elements related to the web and websites.

myths and truths about websites

Myths and Truths About Websites
Did you know that some sites actually scare search engines away? And other sites can scare surfers away?
Atlanta website redesign and makeovers Website Redesign & Makeovers
Is your site feeling old and tired? Does it generate more laughs than business? A website redesign is just the ticket.
targeted website traffic Targeted Traffic to Your Website
We research the keywords, we build the ads, we manage everything - and you get targeted traffic for one monthly price.
website consulting and training Consulting and Training
Even strong companies can have a weak understanding of web business.


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