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LimeDot has been "all things web" since 1999. For years, we focused only on building websites. But by 2008, we'd grown so much and were offering such a wide array of marketing services that a decision was made to create a new company under a different brand - RayCollective. Same people doing the work and answering the phone, same address - just a different brand and name. LimeDot had nearly a decade of work behind it in 2008 - hundreds of clients and projects. So LimeDot (the company, and the website) is here to stay. We just service clients more frequently as RayCollective these days. Pay us a visit at

Atlanta website design and original web design and e-commerce websites and sites
Long before you hire us to build your website, you'll gain a solid idea of what it's like to work with LimeDot. From the very first contact, you'll find that we're quite educated about our industry and truly have a passion to build websites that exceed expectations. Whether it's small or large, our custom website design is tailor-built to fit you like a glove.

website and web page marketing basic strategies
website and web page marketing basic strategies
Even the best website will run aground unless you get a little wind in your sails. In addition to outfitting your site to be attractive to search engines, we'll educate you on the newest and most worthy mediums in web marketing and promotion. It's time to set sail.
e-commerce stores and e-commerce website design e-commerce stores and e-commerce website design
We will set-up your new e-commerce site as one complete, easy-to-understand project - everything from integrating credit card processors, setting up shipping, to full shopping cart design and integration. In no time, you can be selling any product online 24 hours a day.
under one roof one stop shop
LimeDot can design and print collateral like brochures, postcards, business cards, stationary, apparel, promotional items and more. Keeping these items managed by one firm under one roof will save you money allow you to focus on what's important - growing your business.
website design price quote
Website Design & Project Price Quote
Get a fast and easy quote on your web projects through our simple form.
website design pricing
Understanding Pricing
You know how much milk and eggs cost because you have experience buying them. But what about websites?
website glossary
Website Glossary
An easy-to-understand glossary of terms and elements related to the web and websites.

myths and truths about websites

Myths and Truths About Websites
Did you know that some sites actually scare search engines away? And other sites can scare surfers away?
Atlanta website redesign and makeovers Website Redesign & Makeovers
Is your site feeling old and tired? Does it generate more laughs than business? A website redesign is just the ticket.
targeted website traffic Targeted Traffic to Your Website
We research the keywords, we build the ads, we manage everything - and you get targeted traffic for one monthly price.
website consulting and training Consulting and Training
Even strong companies can have a weak understanding of web business.


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